Brass Band Heater With Thermocouple

Ceramic band heaters are medium-to-high temperature heaters that have 600°C as a maximum working temperature.

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Brass Band Heater With Thermocouple

Band heater for injection molding machine, they are designed to heat up cylindrical parts by conduction. They are used in many manufacturing processes such as the injection, extrusion and moulding processes or other specific applications. Such as tank heating and they are to be found in many industries such as the plastic processing industry, the car industry, chemical and food processing industries, etc.


Dimension(mm) Voltage(v) Power(w) Key Technical Indexes
Φ40×50 220 280 1.Use condition: environment temperature -20~+60°C, Relative temperature <95%

2.Leakage current:<0.5MA

3.Insulation resistance:≥5MO

4.Ground resistance:<0.1O

5.Voltage resistance: no electric breakdown for 1 minute under 1500V

6.Temperature endurance:100-1200°C

Φ35×35 220 170
Φ42×50 220 280
Φ30×50 220 230
Φ60×30 220 250
Φ40×40 220 220
Φ50×50 220 280
Φ60×40 220 280
Φ30×30 220 130


The above dimension are in stock, if you have other specific request, we can custom the copper band heater as your request.

Features of Brass Nozzle Band Heater

1. Available in Premium, Economy & Power Saving Options Available.

2. Conserves Energy with improved Heating Efficiency Up to 30 Watts per square inch.

3. Special High Grade Mica insulation for Superior Thermal Conductivity and die electric strength.

4. Engineered for Longer life with Superior quality Nichrome wire for uniform Temperature & Maximum Amperage carrying capacity.

5. Designed for Temperatures upto 350°C.

6. Min Dia available 20 mm.

7. Min width available 60 mm..

8. Available in various Lead Terminations & Clampings

9. Robust Terminal junction with Specially Designed Chrome Nickel Steel Protection Cap.


•Heating barrels of plastic injection molding machines and extruders

•Die and die holder heating of plastic extruders and blow molding machines


•Burn-out ovens

•Heated kettles

•Fluidized beds

•Heat treating pipes

•Any application requiring heat applied to a cylindrical surface