HTC-1 Temperature humidity meter

Cartridge heaters are used for heating Dies, Moulds, Platens and various other applications demanding localised heating and are suitable for temperatures up to 800℃.




Customized wholesale electric equipment 2 pole 3 pole ceramic terminal block 


Technical utilize:hot press pouring technics,which can control the required tolerance to a range.The size is very precise.

The required connecting hardware fittings used in interior line of electric equipment is copper. It can be galvanized,all choose high quality environmental protection hardware fittings material,accord with ROHS standard.

There are 1-pole,2-pole,3-pole.There are various types such as coated ferronickel or brass and stainless steel terminal ect.

We can produce and assemble based on the customers’requirement.Speedy delivery,reasonable price.

Rated current:5A,10A,15A,30A 50-200A Rated voltage:110V 600V