Mica band heater with thermocouple

Ceramic band heaters are medium-to-high temperature heaters that have 600°C as a maximum working temperature.

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Mica band heater with thermocouple

Made of mica insulation, nickel chrome heating wire and stainless steel sheath,Mica band heaters are the ideal solution for high watt densities and high operating temperature applications, especially for the plastics industry.

Ceramic&Mica band heater
Ceramic&Mica band heater

Mica band heater features

· Efficient heat transfer without any difficult in operations.

· Design variations for heater protection and convenience.

· Low-mass design for a quick response and heat-up.

· High-quality mica used in the manufacturing of the band heater.

· Excellent strength to withstand even the toughest conditions.

· Variety of applications ranging from injecting mold machines to extrusion line.