Advantages of digital sensors

The development of digital sensor has gradually become a new favorite in the field of weighing technology, to adapt to the advantages of on-site ability. Now the cars are using sensors everywhere, so where are the advantages of digital sensors?

1. The digital sensor has strong anti-interference ability: it adopts integrated a / D conversion circuit, digital signal transmission and digital filtering technology. The signal transmission distance of the sensor is far, up to 1200m, with strong anti-interference ability, and the transmission distance of analog signal in digital sensor is extremely short.

At the same time, the sensor shell (elastomer) itself is a good shielding cover, only these two characteristics determine the advantages of its anti-interference ability, greatly improving the stability of the sensor.

2. Convenient for fault diagnosis: since the digital sensor has the functions of automatic acquisition, pre-processing, storage and memory, and has a unique mark, the status of each sensor can be checked respectively after multiple sensors are connected in parallel to facilitate fault diagnosis.

3. Good confidentiality, with anti cheating function: can effectively prevent remote control cheating, once found will automatically take error alarm, effectively ensure the security and accuracy of data.

Digital temperature sensor DS18B20
Digital temperature sensor DS18B20