Application of NTC thermistor in motor thermal protection device

When household appliances are working, the motor rotates at a high speed and heats up quickly. A thermal protection device must be used to protect the motor. During the assembly process, the external thermal protection device must be installed for protection.

Thermal protection devices include NTC thermistors, bushings, wires, converters, controllers, signal lines, and fixing devices. After the applied NTC thermistor is covered with a silicone sleeve, a wire (Teflon wire) is used to make the thermistor and the converter form a loop; the high-temperature double-sided tape is used to close the sleeved thermistor to A layer of aluminum foil tape is attached to the outermost layer of the motor housing, and the converter is connected to the controller through a signal line.

NTC thermistor in motor thermal protection device
NTC thermistor in motor thermal protection device

The use environment of the motor is usually in high temperature, high humidity, acidic or alkaline for a long time, and the motor itself vibrates greatly, so it is necessary to protect the NTC thermistor, that is, put a sleeve on the thermistor. The casing is mostly silica gel or Teflon U-shaped casing. The use of silica gel casing has the advantages of shockproof and moisture-proof, low cost, easy installation, and easy forming; the use of Teflon casing has the advantages of rapid heat conduction and corrosion resistance. Double-sided high temperature resistant adhesive tape or high temperature resistant adhesive, simple operation, convenient installation and low cost when fixing thermistor. The aluminum foil tape reflects the heat radiated from the measuring part back to the thermistor, so that the temperature measurement is more accurate and the result is not distorted. Moreover, the aluminum foil tape has good adhesion, strong adhesion, and anti-aging, which makes the overall installation of the thermistor more reliable.

The NTC thermistor produced by Vsec elec has the characteristics of high reliability, high sensitivity and high precision. It can effectively and quickly perform temperature measurement and temperature control, and plays an indispensable role in the motor thermal protection device of household appliances.