New heating products that keep the pizza from crispy

If your business wants to ensure their clients receive their food as fresh and warm as it left your kitchen investing in our premium pack will do just that. The heating element within the insulated base can heat up to 60 degrees in less than 15 minutes with a maximum temperature of 70 degrees. 

Preheat the pack in your premises with the supplied AC adapter for optimum heating temperature before passing the bag onto your delivery driver. While in your vehicle, the heating pack can then be powered from a standard 12V cigarette socket maintaining its heat inside this jumbo insulated food delivery bag. 

Disconnect from the charger and bring the bag straight to the door, where your customer will feel the heat from the bag and giving you the assurance that you have done everything possible to deliver a meal as warm as they could have eaten it in your restaurant. Each pack is supplied with a UK mains adapter, a 12V DC vehicle adapter and heating plate. Everything you need to compliment your UltimateHeat food delivery bag & ensuring that your customer is satisfied every time.

• Heats to 70° 
• Fast heat up time 10mins 
• Preheat with AC adapter 
• Power in transit with DC adapter 
• Large 400×300 surface area