NTC Thermistor and LED Ceiling Light

LED Ceiling Light uses LED as the light source and is installed inside the room. The appearance of the lamp is designed to be flat on the upper part, and it is installed close to the roof, like being adsorbed on the roof, so it is called LED Ceiling Light.

LED Ceiling Light is a commonly used lamp in various places such as homes, offices, and entertainment venues. High-brightness LEDs will generate heat, and the heat needs to be dissipated by a radiator. However, the heat is concentrated on the outer wall of the radiator during the heat dissipation process, resulting in unsatisfactory heat dissipation effect, which seriously affects its service life.

Embedding the NTC thermistor in series with the cooling fan in the LED Ceiling Light is a very good way to extend the life of the Ceiling Light. The thermistor senses the temperature of the surface of the LED Ceiling Light and changes its own resistance value according to the temperature change. Automatically adjust the heat dissipation efficiency to promote the cooling fan to allow air circulation to cool the inner cavity of the lampshade, thereby increasing the service life of the Ceiling Light.

The NTC thermistor produced by Vsec elec can measure temperature efficiently and accurately, and can sense the real-time temperature of LED Ceiling Light well. The following MF52 epoxy head temperature measurement NTC thermistor is suitable for LED Ceiling Light.

SC104 NTC Power Thermistor
MF52 NTC Thermistor

The MF52 series NTC thermistor is coated with epoxy resin. Through materials and advanced manufacturing processes, it achieves the characteristics of small size and fast response, and also has precise tolerances and long-term stable reliability.

  Product main features

• Small size, fast response   

• Wide operating temperature range, good stability and reliability.

• Easy to install and operate, because the sealing can be done according to the environment and conditions of the customer’s application.

• Precise testing can accurately reflect temperature changes.

• Excellent tolerance and interchangeability