Temperature sensor in smart home applications

Smart home refers to the internal structure of the electrification and automation within a certain area of ​​the closed building, so as to improve the automatic control effect of the space on the basis of scientific and rational arrangement of the space, and obtain a better life and psychology. The purpose of double enjoyment.

The intelligent home control system under the smart sensor home platform has a very short response time and high sensing efficiency, which shortens the time delay caused by the delay of the traditional controller propagation, ensures the timeliness of the smart home control system, and improves the smart home control. The system’s work efficiency has truly realized the rapid spread of smart home.

Among them, the network intelligent home control system is the “heart” of the network smart home as a whole, which directly plays a regulatory role. The network intelligent home control system is the integrated integration of the network intelligent home operation form. Among them, the sensor serves as the backbone of the whole smart home control system, which is equivalent to the “central nerve” of the whole system. It has the information transmission and the intelligent release of commands. Significance.

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor can ensure the constant room temperature in the smart home, which is an indispensable part of the smart home. In the application, the temperature sensor can adjust the temperature according to the season change or the user’s demand.

In the temperature measurement, temperature information can be collected by the temperature sensor. In the modern smart home, the DS18B20 temperature sensor is usually selected, which has the characteristics of stability and strong performance. In operation, the digital signal can be converted into an electrical signal. The control of the computer system transmits the temperature information to the computer system, and then transmits it to the air conditioner through the central control system to realize the temperature control of the smart home.