What is DS18B20 Temperature Sensor?

DS18B20 is a new intelligent temperature sensor newly developed by DALLAS Semiconductor Company after DS1820. Compared with the traditional thermistor, he can directly read the measured temperature and can realize 9~12 digit digital reading by simple programming according to actual requirements. The 9-bit and 12-bit digital quantities can be completed in 93.75 ms and 750 ms respectively, and the information read from the DS18B20 or the information written to the DS18B20 requires only one line (single line interface) for reading and writing, and the temperature conversion power is derived from The data bus, the bus itself can also supply power to the attached DS18B20 without additional power. Therefore, using the DS18B20 makes the system structure simpler and more reliable. He has greatly improved the temperature measurement accuracy, conversion to user time, transmission distance, resolution, etc., which brings more convenient use and more satisfactory results.