What is silicone drum heater?

The silicone drum heater, also known as the oil drum heater, is a particularly soft insulated fixed length heating belt.

Silicone drum heater belt has good waterproof performance. It can be used in the pipeline of industrial equipment or laboratory in humid and non-explosive gas places. The heating, tracing and heat preservation of tank and tank can be directly wound on the surface of the heated part. The installation is simple, safe and reliable.

Using the heating belt of silicone drum heater, the liquid and solidified substances in the barrel can be easily removed by heating, such as adhesives, grease, tar, paint, paraffin, oil and various resin raw materials in the barrel. By heating the barrel, the viscosity of the barrel can be reduced uniformly and the power of the pump can be reduced. Therefore, it is not affected by the season and can be used all the year round.

A sensor is installed on the surface of the heater to directly control the temperature by adjusting the temperature..


1. It is mainly composed of nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulating material, which has fast heat generation, high thermal efficiency and long service life.

2. The electric heating wire is wound on the alkali-free glass fiber core frame, and the main insulation is silicone rubber, which has good heat resistance and reliable insulation performance.

3. Excellent softness, can be directly wound on the heated device, good contact, and uniform heating.